Fast, Easy, and
Secure with
Mobile Cash

$50 Cash Back when you make three Mobile Cash withdrawals
from April 3, 2017 to May 12, 2017!1

You use your Smartphone for just about everything, so why not to withdraw cash?

Yes - it's possible!
Popular Community Bank is one of the first banks in its markets to introduce Mobile Cash, which allows customers to make withdrawals at ATMs using our app - directly from your phone. Safely and securely.

Use Mobile Cash for:

  • Convenience—No card or pin number necessary, so your ATM transaction is faster and easier
  • Security—Each transaction uses a unique QR code, and there is no card skimming risk

Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Log into the app using Touch ID or your passcode. Choose the account from which you would like to withdraw money, and select or enter the dollar amount. Your phone will prompt you to scan the QR code on the ATM screen. Press the "Mobile Cash" option on the ATM and scan the QR code. A receipt will appear in the app. It’s that simple!
Use Mobile Cash at any Popular Community Bank ATM.
Mobile Cash is supported on checking accounts with one active debit card.
Yes. Mobile Cash is available only to Popular Community Bank customers who have a checking account and active debit card.
Yes. Withdrawing money using the Mobile Cash feature with the Popular Community Bank app eliminates the risk of card skimming. There is no PIN number to punch into the ATM, and each QR code is unique. Plus, using Mobile Cash shortens the time you spend at the ATM.
Mobile Cash is currently available on iPhones3 and Android3 smartphones with a front facing auto focus camera.
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